# Application info

Get your team & app information Request to application end-point will show you your application informations, owner (creator of the app) and agents. All of the mentioned, will contain information such as: agent_pk (id), name, email address, status (agent / owner)

Agent informations will be used to create message (mostly id of an agent)

GET /application/

# Request

  • JavaScript
  • Python
var data = null;

var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
xhr.withCredentials = true;

xhr.addEventListener("readystatechange", function () {
  if (this.readyState === 4) {

xhr.open("GET", "https://<your_app_subdomain>.user.com/api/public/application/");
xhr.setRequestHeader("authorization", "Token <your_64_char_api_key>");
xhr.setRequestHeader("accept", "*/*; version=2");