# Company model

Companies are objects that can connect many users (employees) within one object. You can store information about the company using attributes.

# Properties

Attributes Type Description
id integer A unique identifier for the company which is given by User.com automatically.
address string A company’s address.
city string A company city of residence.
country string A company country of residence.
created_at string A creation date of a company.
custom_id string The unique identifier for the company which is provided by the client.
description string A description of a company.
email string(email) A company’s email address.
name string A company name.
phone_numbers string(list) A list of phone numbers.
postal_code string A postal code according to the address of your company..
region string A company region of residence.
size integer An approximate size of your company.
tags string A list of tags associated with a company
updated_at string A date of last company update.