# List all user segments

You can return a list with all of your users’ segments. Use a returned URL to list all users added to the segment.

GET /segments/

# Request

  • CURL
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Token <your_64_char_api_key>"
-H "Accept: */*; version=2"

# Response

  "previous": null,
  "results": [
      "name": "Active",
      "description": "Users who have visited your website at least once in the last 30 days.",
      "users": "https://<your_app_subdomain>.user.com/api/public/segments/1033/users/",
      "id": 1033
      "name": "New",
      "description": "Users who have visited your website for the first time in the last 24 hours.",
      "users": "https://<your_app_subdomain>.user.com/api/public/segments/1034/users/",
      "id": 1034
      "name": "New with email",
      "description": "Users who first visited your website in the last 24 hours and have provided an email address.",
      "users": "https://<your_app_subdomain>.user.com/api/public/segments/1037/users/",
      "id": 1037
      "name": "With email",
      "description": "Users whose email address you have.",
      "users": "https://<your_app_subdomain>.user.com/api/public/segments/1036/users/",
      "id": 1036
      "name": "Slipping away",
      "description": "Users who have not visited your page within the last 30 days.",
      "users": "https://<your_app_subdomain>.user.com/api/public/segments/1035/users/",
      "id": 1035
  "next": null,
  "count": 5